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a leading engineering and design firm specializing in onsite wastewater treatment systems for small communities, commercial, and residential clients in South Carolina.

No two geographic sites, families or businesses are exactly alike. You want a septic system that will meet your needs for years to come. It might make sense to oversize a system now in anticipation of future add-ons or growth. Or, you could build a system that meets your needs today and pay less up front. That’s where we come in. Designing just the right septic system solution for every one of our customers is our number one goal.

We have years of experience designing a variety of septic systems for various uses. A system for a single-family residence with regular use should be much different than one for a seasonal cabin. Likewise, a commercial system with large surges in use, such as a church or wedding facility, operates much differently than an office building with constant, daily use. Each septic system requires proper engineering based on how it will be used. No job is too small or too complex. We will always find the right septic system solution for you.

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Planning & Consulting

Septic suitability studies, site master planning, lot yield analysis, preliminary septic site plans and more.

Engineered Septic Design & Permitting

Site specific commercial and residential septic engineering along with expedited SCDHEC permitting.

Turn Key Design & Permitting

The process of obtaining a septic permit can be simplified. Onsite Septic Engineering partners with local Professional Soil Classifiers and provides turn-key septic design and permitting services.

Turn Key Design-Build

Onsite Septic Engineering works with many excellent licensed septic installers across the state and partners with them to offer turn-key solutions from planning through installation.

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Onsite Wastewater Services is a SCDHEC Tier 3 Septic System Installer and Operator that provides turn-key construction services for residential, commercial, and industrial onsite wastewater systems throughout South Carolina.

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